Incorporation of companies and other legal entities

  • Name checks at authorities.
  • Close contact and assistance providing the needed documents and information with notary offices regarding a fast incorporation.
  • If requested: Curado Trust has close contacts with the local banks and is able to assist with opening bank accounts.
  • Curado is able to assist with the registration with the local authorities (such as the Chamber of Commerce, Tax Authorities, etc).

Domiciliation and management of legal entities
Curado Trust, as a managing director, shall carry on:

  • Correspondence with the Corporation's other managing director or directors.
  • Apply to the Chamber of Commerce for any necessary or advisable registration in the
  • Commercial Register.
  • File applications deemed necessary or advisable with the Tax, Postal and/or other agencies of the Insular Government and/or Central Government.
  • File any tax returns (if required) and attend for the Corporation to all routine matters
  • concerning the foregoing or related therewith.

Curado Trust is also able to prepare the annual and/or quarterly figures and will provide services for administration. Because of our in-house expertise, Curado Trust is able to set-up international structures in close collaboration with external Tax and Legal Advisors.